Recovering from major knee surgery and being away from work gives you a lot of time.

A lot.

Recently, I had subscribed to a number of Massively Open Online Courses on which I didn’t have so much time to dedicate to beforehand. Work drains your energy and after a days work, the last thing that you feel like doing is learning. But alas, now I’m unable to go to work and a good chunk of time which had been previously filled by work had to find new pastures. And there comes along, MOOCs(along with a subscription to and an amazing subscription offer at

And, yes, time is flying fast. It has already been 5 days since my operation and equipped with my new Macbook (the true productivity machine which was enhanced by the fact that I had the opportunity to do a 6-hour long training programme on lynda to learn all the features of this wonderful machine).

Bring on the learning!

One more thing, I’m doing two courses which I’m focusing on right now:

These MOOCs are giving me an insight into what I’m passionate about, that is , Technology. And, it is providing me with the opportunity to have a full 360 degree view of how technology affects peoples lives and how it bothers and empowers them. Equipped with this knowledge, I truly believe that I can be a better advocate of technology.

If you are thinking of taking one of these MOOCs. The following video is a friendly and great video guide:


Could this be the downfall of Skype?

A new web application introduced by T-Mobile enables facebook users to do video/voice calls to each other just by installing the web application which can be obtained from the following link :

Bobsled By T-Mobile.

What are your views about this ? Do you think this could be Skype’s downfall? Will T-Mobile’s infrastructure be able to handle this?

Lockergnome’s article gives a more elaborate view about the topic here , he even suggests that this might be the eventual death of your mobile phone number….what is YOUR take on that ?

Skype Gets Serious Facebook Integration

Link: Skype Gets Serious Facebook Integration

Definitely a wise move by both Facebook and Skype to integrate their services. Integration is very high on my priority list when coming to use a software which serves my communication needs. Plus points for Facebook and Skype Ole ! How will Google react to this move?

Keep Your Business Files Synced Between the Desktop and the Cloud [APPS]

Link: Keep Your Business Files Synced Between the Desktop and the Cloud [APPS]

Great Move by to integrate Enterprise Solutions with a dropbox like system. Hopefully this will trigger Dropbox to hasten their launch of the Group Accounts System and get them going. I just love competition. It would be great if Google Docs launches something similar in the near future, that would be pure bliss.