timesofmalta.com – Microsoft to invest $125,000 in technology learning centres

Link: timesofmalta.com – Microsoft to invest $125,000 in technology learning centres

A great initiative by Microsoft to invest in Malta. Brings a smile to my face 🙂 This initiative clearly intends to rise the level of the ICT workforce and also to increase the levels of ICT literacy which are so essential in this computer-based society. Does Microsoft invest in your country? And what do you think about Microsoft’s initiatives?


Should I Upgrade to Office 2010? [Ask Lifehacker]

Link: Should I Upgrade to Office 2010? [Ask Lifehacker]

This is a great letter written by the Lifehacker authors which highlights the main pros and cons with updating to the latest Office 2010. My take on this ? Wait till Google implements DocVerse with their Google Apps suite(Google Docs etc) and you’ve got the same functionality of Office 2010 with your native version of Office(2003 or 2007) and it would only cost you 50$(40€) a year rather than the exorbitant price of 499$ one-time fee, which by the time you would have upgraded, they would already have another beta version of Office in the pipeline !

Welcome to Steam, Installing PC/Mac Games without a CD/DVD

Link: Welcome to Steam

Seeing this for the first time, I can definitely say that now both Mac and PC users can rely on this site to get their favourite games on their laptops or PCs without the inconvenience of using the CD/DVD which in my honest opinion is slowly becoming obsolete making way for the higher storage Blu-Ray Discs.

A question to the readers : When was the last time you used a CD/DVD to play a game?